Jespfur nil [track] 23-10-2023 digital
Jespfur might as well might swell bright bell light fell kite dwell fight knell [track] 21-05-2023 digital
Man Arcade why speak [track] 27-02-2023 digital
Weak Moves Geodesic [ep] 07-01-2023 digital & cassette tape
Jespfur Squeeze 3 [compilation] 03-11-2022 digital
Jespfur Serendipity [track] 04-05-2022 digital
Jespfur Squeeze 2 [compilation] 01-01-2022 digital
Jespfur Squeeze 1 [compilation] 04-06-2021 digital
Jespfur Condition; [track] 27-01-2021 digital
Man Arcade Curiosity [beat tape] 15-05-2020 digital
Jespfur Mind Map [mixtape] 06-03-2020 digital & cassette tape
Jespfur Deceive - [ep] 25-01-2019 bandcamp
Weak Moves First Moves [ep] 31-08-2018 digital
Jespfur The Weak Tape [mixtape] 11-05-2018 digital


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a-Musik - Cologne 



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