Jesper “Jespfur” Vervoort is a multidisciplinary artist born in Helmond and currently based in Amsterdam. With two mixtapes, Mind Map (2020) and The Weak Tape (2018) and several singles, might as well might swell bright bell light fell kite dwell fight knell (2023), Serendipity (2022), Condition (2021), selected audiovisual works (Squeeze 1, 2 & 3) released to date, Jespfur has slowly but steadily been honing his DIY approach, resulting in an honest, unpredictable and elusive catalogue.


Following the releases of his solo projects through his self-founded record label/platform FVR, his band concept Weak Moves followed suit with their latest project Geodesic (2023) and the earlier First Moves (2018). As multi-instrumentalist, for his solo project, Jespfur plays and records all instruments and vocals himself, using samplers and resampling drawing listeners into his own enigmatic realm. Both as a solo artist and with his band concept Weak Moves, the 25 year old has appeared and performed at many different venues in Europe and the UK executed in consistent different ways.